Man idk what to do i gotta find a new place to live in like a month

Dang that vaccine got me developing antibodies

Ah crap, hope this OfferUp person doesn't just ghost me come on bro don't you want some SNES controllers?

Hmm yeah my check engine light is kinda broken but something definitely ain't working right

I think i might benefit from seeing a neurologist and also a physical therapist

I may be literally insane but that makes me sexy so it's okay

At the covid vaccine pop up eating all the vaccines

Bitcoin used to be cool, you could buy drugs with it, but these days it's all gentrified and you gotta convert it into different crypto currencies now to remain undetectable

Nfts are a literal joke. It's a prank. It's a big ole scam

Like, oh what a nice day! The sun is out and life is beautiful and i get to play Pokemon all day and ope hold on i want to kill myself for no reason suddenly

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Hmm yeah so all those spirals i go down when my mental health declines? Yeah they're still there in my brain even when I'm not thinking about them and the little pointer in my brain just gets sucked into them if it gets too close

Getting my covid booster today, so excited to feel like shit all day tomorrow

I thought about leaving one of my bands so many times to focus on the other ones but 1) it's the most likely one to bring in some money for me 2) they would be shit without me probably

I may be a talented musician but that also directly correlated with insanity so

LA will either turn you into a cynical asshole or a pretentious douchebag

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