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Nothing I have to say is interesting enough to pin.

Spider Mention, Johnny losing his cool 

I'm shaking

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Spider Mention, Johnny losing his cool 

"But it was probably more scared..."

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Spider Mention, Johnny losing his cool 

Doing a little night geocaching in North Carolina, felt a cobweb but didn't think much of it. Glanced down a few seconds later and saw a round yellow spider roughly the size of Shelob crawling from my shorts on to my thigh. It was kind of hard to tell what it was with all the screaming, gibbering, and thrashing about in the dark, but I did a search and I think it was a marbled orb-weaver.
When I tell you I screeched 😱💀🤣

We're basically paying 1/3 of her bill every month (she doesn't know that part) plus we bought her last phone for her

Oh how to politely suggest that SIL is an adult and should get her own phone plan

Dunkin Donuts spicy strawberry/ghost pepper donut review: I don't hate it

if u think about it, the gloves that a surgeon wears when performing GRS on a trans woman? those are boxing gloves

JFC this is bad. Like, it would have gone straight to video even if theaters were open

Adam Sandler, who taught us that if mash your lips together and talk weirdly... BAM! There's another oc

Like if he came back to life, not dead Teddy.
Probably shoulda worded that better

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If I had to have sex with a deceased president, it would definitely be Teddy Roosevelt.
*Insert "Rough Rider" joke here*

I steamed some of the spaghetti squash and it actually came out SO good! I'm low-key amazed that I didn't fuck it up

There was a farmer's market set up at a rest stop on the New York Thruway. I got all of this for $6!
I don't even know what the small yellow and orange ones are, and I have no idea how to cook squash, but Google is my friend.
I'm going to add some of the bell peppers to some ready-made sauce to liven it up a bit
I have a small microwave in the truck and apparently you can steam squash, so wish me luck! 🤣

An artist near me was kick-starting a black and white bunny themed tarot deck, but she already met her goal ♥️

Me at 3 a.m. trying to craft a shitpost about an upset cat wanting fleas to have equal treatment under the law

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