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dog alert! 

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Anyway. Check out my Etsy shop. I sell high quality slimes made with love and support

you, a fool: you don't hate mondays, you hate ~capitalism~

me, wise: actually i can hate more than one thing at a time due to my Enormous Brain

We need to kill the stereotype that non-binary people are just "girls, but not really!" or "genderless femmes"

Plenty of people out there need to learn that non-binary is an umbrella term for a lot of things, and restrictive nb stereotypes exclude *most* nb people

@Pizza she’s got beef with someone. Ooh boy, why is no one telling them to be quiet I’m just-

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@Pizza actually there’s two women in the chat who didn’t mute and are deep in the chisme ​:blobcatcoffee:​ I’m listening now

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Going to work to sit in a video chat and learn google classroom. But actually just reading the discourse on mastodon instead

Pokemon Mullet and Pokemon Pompadour, coming soon to Nintendo Switch

Should I join the zoom department meeting today? It’s not mandatory but I’m already awake and it’s in an hour.... ​:Thinkfusing:​

You know what? If I had just kept on drawing like I used to in middle/high school I’d probably be really good. But I got swindled into doing things to β€œbetter my future” instead of enjoying myself. ​:guess_ill_die:​

I’ve been avoiding it. But how do you use zoom? I might have to use it for work tomorrow :/

Where can I watch princess jellyfish online? I’m not trying to watch on funimation tho

Sea butterfly? You can’t fool me that’s sea monchy

Fruits basket season 2 starts next Saturday. I am super excited

me at 18: i'm voting for obama
my parents: oh, you'll get more conservative when you get older
me at 30: i think we should wipe our ass with the constitution

@Pizza oof the only Chinese food open near me is Panda Express ​:arthurfist:​

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@Pizza for QR codes i use, you can make designs and generate QR codes that you scan with your phone there

What should I order from DoorDash?

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