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Writing on the chalkboard repeatedly: I will not muscle post on main I will not muscle post on main I will not musc

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Just gonna use this moment to Tell all my mufos that if you ever see me interacting or following with someone on the fedi that is toxic/problematic in any way to please tell me, chances are I genuinely dont know

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Jojo Art, abstract, trypophobia. one of these is made up of circles 

This was probably one of my favorite series to make. I stand Rohan, but the Mista piece is my favorite by far :blobuwu:

I have to interview a medical provider for one of my classes, and just like... bold of you to assume I know any doctors, mr professor

can't believe I forgot to share a picture of the little lad!

Someone just gave me a tiny rubber duck. I have been blessed

(at the weed store) im looking for a strain that will kill me instantly, what do you recommend

“Come to Philly for the crack” is such a good shirt tho tbh

Sees an image of Mac it’s always sunny in the most basic ass grunge outfit: ✨outfit inspo✨ better save that

I have so many screenshots of Mac fits on my phone

yes, I have restarted its always sunny, I want to feel at ease

I went home to get the top loaders to make more in my dorm, and I forgot them. :NO_scream:

Coming out as Macsexual by making those top loaders that kpop fans make

just finished season 11, but I start classes tomorrow so I'll have to wait to finish the rest

I've been back on my its always sunny kick, Mac gives me gender envy in the worst way

what does the honeycomb even do? I'm just breeding the bees because they are cute and make me happy. Surround my house with bees :blobheart:

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