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How I picture chariot after everything happens. Just at peace knowing Polnareff is okay in the turtle just chilling. He can put his happy eyes on. Just a good wholesome boy

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Jojo Art, abstract, trypophobia. one of these is made up of circles 

This was probably one of my favorite series to make. I stand Rohan, but the Mista piece is my favorite by far :blobuwu:

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dog alert! 

Very good girl. She has ptsd and is v cautious around men. But cute bf actually managed to pick her up! Super cute. Lots of kissies were exchanged. ​:blobheart:​ 1000/10

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Happy Pride Month

Stonewall was a riot

Black queer people are the reason we have all these hard-fought-for rights as gays

Don't fall for the "kneeling cops" thing. I'm seeing multiple reports that immediately after kneeling for the photo, the cops beat the shit out of people.

As the link says, stay away from bridges, underpasses, and tunnels where you can be easily kettled. (I remember a particularly terrifying moment in montreal when I watched the police herd the head of our protest under a bridge. I peeled off as soon as I saw it.)

a cool thing about donating to bail funds btw: that money isn't one-and-done. unless someone actually doesn't report to court, which almost never happens, that money is returned to the bail fund to be used once again. donating $50 to a bail fund *permanently* gives them an additional $50 to use again and again as that money gets returned to them.

the bigger the pool of money a bail fund has, the more people it can help at once, since ofc your $50 cannot be used to post bail for multiple people at one time.

Who got the link to Chicago bail funds tho? I live with a someone who is immune compromised and leaving into a large group is out of the question so this is the least I can do for my part today

dollskill, current US events 

never shop at DollsKill

on top of stealing artwork and being ableist, the owner just pulled this :)

My library materials are due today and idk if I’m up for turning them in. But it’s 11 things and idk if I’m up for paying fines 🙃

uspol psa nytimes link 

despite some bullshit, the nytimes does a pretty good job at explaining why this a meaningless move that basically amounts to a publicity stunt for the Fox News crowd

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Why does Utena from HYPNOSISMIC make me wanna rollerblade down the coast on a breezy summer afternoon (I couldn’t find the full version. But those are the vibes)

If you’ve already given to a Chicago bail fund and still have money left over, consider giving some to Assata’s Daughters. They are “an abolitionist organization led by Black women using a Black queer feminist lens and relationship-based tactics to organize bases of young Black people in divested-from areas of Chicago” and they’ve been doing great work for some time now.

If it wasn’t for the fact that my baby niece occasionally video calls me to play with her through Facebook I would’ve deleted by now

Self care is not checking Facebook to avoid looking at all the posts I know are gonna have my blood boil

if you ever see a cop talking to a person of color, pull out your phone and start recording. how many George Floyds had no video evidence or surviving witnesses

Here is another reminder that everyone who touts "peaceful protest" should read This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed by Charles Cobb Jr.

Here, it's even free and I did the "hard work" of getting you the link

Me before 2020: fuck drones!! Stupid cuck toy

Me after 2020 when a drone harassed a police helicopter: well, they do got cool designs I guess...

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