Gonna take a break from Natter for a while, I think. If you need me you can reach me on Discord.


Okau, but hear me out...... there's nothing stopping you from using a dish washing machine as a place to pee. It has a drain, and it flushes everything with hot water and soap when you run it that there's virtually no issue of it getting on your dishes... 🤔🤔🤔🤔

I'm FINALLY done going through the 7 Warped Tour cd's I have.
I love the Warped Tour cds because each album has roughly a total of 50 songs (give or take), so it's a GREAT way to find bands that you might not have heard before.
That being said, 350 songs later and I have a total of 69 (nice) new bands I have to look up now =w= heaven help meeeee

Sometimes it does me good to see customers trash the store that fired me.

Manga Artist Appreciation Post 

Can we just.... help Tsuyoshi Takaki (Author of Black Torch manga series) get some more mainstream attention?? Seriously, his art is so freaking LIT. :good_post_op:

If Toy Story is real, then the Poopsie Unicorns are sentient and aware of everything you make them do

Very.... important.... information. 

Please ensure you are allowing your unicorn proper pooping.....

Please... please help me... 

I dont know what I've unearthed, but I feel the soul leaving my body as I type this....

Screw assigning gender roles at birth, what's your assigned pasta type??
I'm a Trompetti noodle :0

Reliving old Assassin's Creed games tonight and just, ah I love this series

Can someone pick a number between 1-41 for me? :D

All im sayin is that if Michael Cera told me that someone wasn't a killer, I'd def think that person WAS a killer

Made garlic butter shrimp over rice for dinner tonight! 🔥

If anyone wants to pick a number for me between 1-42 I would appreciate it ^w^

Gawr Gura is best Vtuber. Change my mind 😤

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