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I tried to make a flowchart to explain the heirarchy of clowns and uuuuuhhhhh

I hope this makes sense

Each number by the titles relates to a sort of "trickster level" that each individual clown has. This numaric system is only really used in clown battles. Tldr; the higher your number the more power you have in the battle. Also these numbers add up for every clown involved. Eg: 4 clowns vs. 1 ringleader = the 4 clowns win the battle.

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For real thought my computer start screen said "Gamers Raise Up"

Everyone add 2d10 cockroach swarms to your inventory/friends page.

You find a 5 ft. Tall marble statue of a cockroach with gold, outspread wings. It is wearing a broken bronze crown and looks like it should be holding a chalice but is holding nothing.
What do you do?

Favorite sound:

The bone crushing clang of an industrial hammer

Woah holy frug

After like. 5-6 hours straight of playing on the nattercraft server and finally hopping off i think i might be in a bit of a dissociative state from playing for so long and being used to sitting down and looking at a screen. I might just be motion sick(?)

Important news:
You can put banner designs on shields in minecraft

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