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alc, the Notter Iced Tea 

3/4 an oz. of Silver rum
3/4 an oz. of London dry gin
3/4 an oz. of hpnotiq vodka
3/4 an oz. of tequilla
3/4 an oz. of blue curcao
1 oz of fresh lime juice
3/4 an oz. of fresh orange juice
2 or 3 oz of diet dr. pepper

combine in to a glass filled with ice. at this point it should look like dr pepper floating on top of a layer of blue alcohol. take a bar spoon and stir it gently until dark green.

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Dec. 25th, 2020.
The sacrificial technicolor cubes have been disemboweled and there innards have been distributed amongst the worshippers of the star tree. There red and silver flesh and meat severed and there bones broken and systemically removed by the cult's members in a haze by the holiday's influence.

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I tried to make a flowchart to explain the heirarchy of clowns and uuuuuhhhhh

I hope this makes sense

Each number by the titles relates to a sort of "trickster level" that each individual clown has. This numaric system is only really used in clown battles. Tldr; the higher your number the more power you have in the battle. Also these numbers add up for every clown involved. Eg: 4 clowns vs. 1 ringleader = the 4 clowns win the battle.

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I dont save posts. Masto just flat out ends after a certain point in scrolling so i just assume that post doesn't exist anymore. What is object permanence.

@ZoltorTheGreat zoltor is gonna extinct not just horses but life as we know it

Might do some hot girl shit and flip the north and south magnetic poles watch this

the most valuable piece of information I've garnered from skating is that the best way to prevent yourself from falling is redirecting the energy in to a funny jig as you restablize yourself

*is immediately crushed by a 5 story bass guitar that has been airdropped from orbit*

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