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Dec. 25th, 2020.
The sacrificial technicolor cubes have been disemboweled and there innards have been distributed amongst the worshippers of the star tree. There red and silver flesh and meat severed and there bones broken and systemically removed by the cult's members in a haze by the holiday's influence.

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I tried to make a flowchart to explain the heirarchy of clowns and uuuuuhhhhh

I hope this makes sense

Each number by the titles relates to a sort of "trickster level" that each individual clown has. This numaric system is only really used in clown battles. Tldr; the higher your number the more power you have in the battle. Also these numbers add up for every clown involved. Eg: 4 clowns vs. 1 ringleader = the 4 clowns win the battle.

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Natter cyberpunk ending: we all remake natter as an underground hacker group and troll small dating apps

I didn't even see the fnaf text on the top but i think it adds to the post

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Artists: lol lmao lets put a tree here and two rocks hehe see its a pp XD
Philosopher trying to explain how the tree represents god or death or whatever:

:ned: evil neil stanley be like:
*invests in sustainable energy, learns how to design a functional app, and doesn't complain on twitter*

I now have the accursed knowlage of how pewdiepie was a homestuck.

Woke up in the middle of the night after feeling something like someone poking my face.

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