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I tried to make a flowchart to explain the heirarchy of clowns and uuuuuhhhhh

I hope this makes sense

Each number by the titles relates to a sort of "trickster level" that each individual clown has. This numaric system is only really used in clown battles. Tldr; the higher your number the more power you have in the battle. Also these numbers add up for every clown involved. Eg: 4 clowns vs. 1 ringleader = the 4 clowns win the battle.

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I dont remember a whole lot about elementary shcool but i remember obe of the teachers reading The Giving Tree and Hatchet to us

Together they form a horrifying shambling beast that takes a shifting form, morphing between decay and regeneration.

Beat is the backbone of all music.
Instruments are like the muscle and veins of music.
Lyrics are the skin, nails, and hair of music.

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Now selling Bigfoot dung. Pm me if youโ€™re interested. Serious inquiries only!!

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