I tried to make a flowchart to explain the heirarchy of clowns and uuuuuhhhhh

I hope this makes sense

Each number by the titles relates to a sort of "trickster level" that each individual clown has. This numaric system is only really used in clown battles. Tldr; the higher your number the more power you have in the battle. Also these numbers add up for every clown involved. Eg: 4 clowns vs. 1 ringleader = the 4 clowns win the battle.

Ā· Ā· 1 Ā· 1 Ā· 16

Fools are new clowns that havent chosen a side on the polarity of comedy and tragedy (more on that later).
They are taught the basics of how to be a clown (or jester) and are then assigned the title of the Pierrot.
The Pierrot must then choose there path of preformance and decide if they want to become a Clown or a Jester.

From there two things can happen.
Either A. The newly assigned Clown or Jester can rise through the ranks of there respective polaritys or
B. They get down with the clown and go down the path of the juggalo, a far more volatile and capricious path of performance with much higher risks but much higher rewards.

The polarity of Comedy and Tragedy
(Tpct for short) related the style of preformance the clown gives.
Comedy relates to more physical preformances, such as juggling, tightrope walking, and pranks.
Tragedy relates to more verbal preformances, and relates to jokes, rhymes and music, and silly sounds like honks, slaps, quacks, ect.

Anyway this has been my ted talk on yhe hierarchy of clowns.

I spent like 3 days on this.

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