I was told to remember May 15th 2023 in a dream last night.

Got no idea how to make music but if i could got damn i would make some unlistenable garbage only i would like

Youtubes gonna make a "youtube chat plays" thing that starts on the 15th. You know damn well this will NOT end well.

@peacegracehero i believe you can upload the gif to a discord, open it in a browser, and just paste the link from the browser here to get it to work.

Mares eat goats and goats eat oats and little lambs also eat goats this is a sacrificial goat meal

The call of cthulhu but its just cthulhu trying to warn mr lovecraft about his cars extended warranty


I look like im gonna have a gang of mercenaries race to push my corpse up a tower over a gravel war and immediately send them all to hell.

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