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notes for self cus im too lazy to find a better notepad 

killer clowns from outer space
tourist trap
gozu 3003
black sheep 2006
house 1977

these next two weeks are basically all the summer ive got so ill just have to take my strawberry lemonade and my cotton candy bubble gum and get pretty and stupid

i think i could stand to lean into the bimbo role a little bit more at my job

gonna chew my leg off i would've passed if id turned in like one single other assignment fucks ssssake

Extremely cool and sexy of me to not text my friends back for 4 months because quite frankly everything is overwhelming all of the time

Cha cha real smooth,
*disappears from society. Found again several decades later living in a hand dug cave out in the west desert as a hermit*

what should i sew onto my black and green patchwork sweatshirt

blah blah blah modern urban sociocultural analysis

cleaning my room for the express purpose of sitting on the floor

:bitelipbro: i cant put the song lyrics i currently have in my head on here

OH they also had the cotton candy bubblegum i love but never see at the store :)

yeah id love to watch stranger things it loos cool and fun but the pacing and character personalities make my brain do this

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