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notes for self cus im too lazy to find a better notepad 

killer clowns from outer space
tourist trap
gozu 3003
black sheep 2006
house 1977


i should have brought my slip resistant winter docs the snow keeps fucking me up ;-;

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i should get groceries its not gonna be this warm again for a week but i just pinched my neck with the hinge of my glasses and it sent an obliterating vibe throughout my entire body aggravating my "i haven't slept or eaten enough to function properly" senses which were already buzzing trying to walk on a crowded sidewalk back from class but i need fooood ... :(

*joker voice*

you wanna know how i got these scars? was email

im so tired of opinions being argued as fact, i think a lot of the time its a joke but its almost never hyperbolic enough to actually be funny


tbf i have like a very neutral nose and have always thought it would be a good thing to break and ik some people get a lot of shit about it so like its 100% a society/culture issue amd I think people should do things that make them happy i just personally like the variety that noses give faces and am fond of big and crooked and hooked and roman and so on

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Instagram/tiktok ew (appearance body image stuff) 

want to throw things everyone having the same nose is dumb and boring and beauty is so much better when its not streamlined and uniform and i never see so many "god i wish i looked like this" regarding a singular biological feature as i do with the fucking noses

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Instagram/tiktok ew (appearance body image stuff) 

im tired of nosejob tends stop it immediately obviously social media is saturated with all sorts of gross beauty trends but the nose job ones are always such a blatant "fuck the way you look and your ugly ass nose - it isn't good enough" like mostly other things have at least been trying to be subtle about the shitty beauty standards then theres this shit like "there is ONE (1) way a nose is supposed to look and its small and cute" and it makes me

uwu i look just like buddy holly
owo and your marry tyler moore

tiktok filter ๐Ÿง” 

"if you don't like the male version of yourself you need to lower your standards" listen i don't like the normal version of myself and this filter doesn't match my hair color and the beard is PATCHY it just makes me look greasy and like im too lazy to shave not like ive got a nice cheeky stubble also with my hair style and cut and jewelry plus the stubble i look like i spend all my time going to raves which is like fine but not really what in into yk?

(elderly cowboy voice) "You ever sent an email before son? Do have any idea what that kind of thing can do to a man?"

who made the post about not being able to tell the difference between people being edgy or posting song lyrics cus i just remembered that i have definitely posted something edgy out of my own head formatted to look like song lyrics to avoid looking too edgy

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