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IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY CONTENT that's completely valid and understandable, always feel free to let me know if something i do bothers you and i'll do my best to objectively evaluate the circumstances and take appropriate action to address the issue.

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notes for self cus im too lazy to find a better notepad 

killer clowns from outer space
tourist trap
gozu 3003
black sheep 2006
house 1977

yes less well known, only explored by niche youtubers like game grumps and dan and phil

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asdfghj this youtuber just called sonic.exe a "less well known" creepypasta lol i love when they do that

faux airpods teaching me to keep my chin up because when I look down and they whack against my earrings and make an annoying tapping noise

this just in - apparently all 3 of my roommates have boyfriends for me to avoid


archaeology lecture 

"as soon as homo erectus appears in the fossil record we start finding remains all over the place outside of Africa"
motherfucker just took off huh

who will come and meet me in a defunct rust belt former automobile industry production town

google where are some fucked up places without any people in them that i can visit


unparalleled use of two hours to boil down apples that i wasn't gonna eat cus they were too soft and starchy into the sweetest apple sauce ive ever tasted what the fuck it doesn't even have sugar in it

where are my crusty little friends who will pick up trash off the ground with me to make jewelry with

blue Gatorade and earl grey tea mixed in a recycled Einstein bagels cup i call it pond water

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