The flowers I ordered for my mom for mother's day arrived at her place and I really like how they look! I may not be there physically, but at least I can show her that I'm thinking of her today with these!! πŸ’


So, while trying to clean off/remove the paint from the glass of my kitchen door that some dumbass painted on it, the guys accidentally broke/cracked the glass - which is okay, it'll just have to be removed, but uhm guess who ran against the door and uhhhhh now it's...worse... πŸ₯²

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"what my popcorn sees when i open the the package *heavy breathing*"-kinda vibes

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Who in their right mind saw this and thought, yeah, that's a fantastic design for a stamp!

I have two cookers, a fridge and a small freezer, so not much I can do, but i'll make the most out of it!!

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Even the website calls me out on being socially awkward, thanks mate :an_emotion: :arthurfist:

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