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Hey if any of u have seen some resources on learning about the Palestine and Israel colonial situation please reply to this with a link to the resource so I can look over it and add it to a resource list I'm compiling for an event this Friday.

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not into premartial sex, can't get with anyone that hasn't kicked my fucking ass beforehand

My apartment,,, it still needs some work, but it's looking so nice what the fuck

Okay, time to stop myself from continuing to feel overwhelmed

That sure turned out to be a sexy kitchen! A few things are missing, but damn!!

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Ngl, they're about a third done and that kitchen... it's gonna look so sexy, I'll be cooking in such a cool room :blobcat:

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Don't talk to me, good sir, I am not to be perceived (as I have absolutely no clue about what to tell you)

Tomorrow!! Tomorrow is the day where I'll get my kitchen!!!

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Natter? more like Notter

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