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man who cares abt the melbourne cup its just a stupid horse racing event that only bougie bitches enjoy

, work 

ugh god damn highschool students and their sacs (exams lite),, theyre unavailable to work next week so ive put myself up for shifts pretty much every evening except for monday and friday -_-
lowkey hoping that i wont be scheduled for everything but sheesh
at least thats more pay

woah on the drive home there was massive lightning strikes over the city and the bay

worried that my bluntness can come off as rude

its almost 30 degrees that day AND its the stupid melbourne cup so its public holiday faaarrrk that

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ewww there was a cryptocurrency ad on the radio 🤢🤢

ngl that new buzz lightyear movie looks so uncanny,, like u got these cartoon faces n shit and then the lighting, textures, environments and effects are so close to hyper-realistic it just doesnt work to me,,

, egh 

i see it on my dash like every other week but maaan tumblr users are so weird abt media consumption,, like some ppl really do think the media you consume is representative of ur moral stances or whatever,, like yeah every show has problematic elements in it and u can just not interact with ppl who like shows that u have issues with,, but naur instead ppl get on their high horses and start drama,, liek u cant exactly control wot shows ppl like so just block and move on

shoutout to the lady who let me borrow her pen at the post office yesterday since the post office didnt have any pens to use (bc covid ig)

ehe im working so im hoping that means less customers!

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its so warm and sunny outside, but also quite humid,, theres supposed to be a storm tonight lol

pros of collared shirts: i look cute in them
cons: a lot of buttons

also can ppl stop treating the area like the moto gp? bloody hell so loud and annoying shut up shut up shut up

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