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*mops up the herbs using several copies of a popular New York-based weekly news magazine*
Well that was a waste of Time

*drops my jar of aromatic perennial evergreen herbs, causing them to spill all over the floor*
Well that was a waste of thyme

In my eyes every fictional character is a lesbian until proven otherwise

happy 20/04 everyone haha that's the funny number

*jovial nintendo announcer voice* “for his neutral special, he wields a gun”

Me: *opens tumblr*
Tumblr: *whatever the hell this is*
Me: *deletes tumblr (again)*

Ok i knew there was a Minecraft movie in development but I just found out that it's live action 😦 why do they keep making live action video game movies

:minecraft_pickaxe: :minecraft_dirt:

oh never mind they're there now I've refreshed the page :blobdab:


I always feel a bit smug when I get ads for like Egyptian dating sites and stuff I don't care about bc it feels like I got one over on all the tech companies spying on me to show me targeted ads

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