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If Jared 19 is so great how come they never made Jared 20

@someBODY green juice, also colloquially referred to as "Wazowski Juice", is the by-product of harvesting Shreks. There is a common disbelief that there is only one Shrek, but there are huge amounts of it. Usually, the harvesting is mostly carried through to produce Wasabi paste and Monster Energy Drinks.

God my ideas r fucking genius I'm the only bitch in this town who knows anything America wipe the slate clean remove all ur politicians except for aoc and her friends and just hire me for president losers I'll get u health care I'm gonna raise ur taxes by 5 million percent so u can pay ur teachers and give aid to revolutionary countries

id go as far to say that ,.,,, is the damn near sexiest site HEYOOOOOO

I've never actually eaten mandarins in a park but it's a new ambition of mine

this isn't a pun or anything it's just an appealing concept

It's less depressing now I know they're not saying 'you can die' though

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