Okay, ngl tho, bean is one of the prime nottor core members, and if one day they leave that's the day this all falls apart

seems like no matter what im wrong so I should just really shut tf up

i do understand we stoopid nasty Americans do and say everything wrong, I do get it

shiiiiiiiit I could bought turnips today! missed another chance

i think you can vote on tootoise but you have to swipe each post to interact with it at all.. encumber-some for those who favorite everything

tusk? im on tootle rn, tootdon or whatever was better tho

wanna watch anime but im being super picky about what new one (for me) to watch. like goodness are you even a weeb rn? grow up

not gonna sugarcoat it anymore, im abusing that lettuce and im sorry about that

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Natter? more like Notter

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